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Symptom Information

Underlying conditions can stop your weight loss efforts.


Below is a list of the most common conditions for those who experience difficulty when losing weight.

Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance is one of the most serious health problem facing the world today. It causes and/or contributes to the biggest killers of adults around the world. It has been linked not only to obesity but also heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and more. Stress, the wrong foods, some supplements and medications, and being overweight can all lead to insulin resistance.


When your cells are resistant to insulin, less glucose (the sugar that fuels your cell) is allowed in the cell. With less fuel, you’re often more tired than you should otherwise be. With insulin resistance, the sugar stays in your bloodstream where it can do damage. To prevent this damage, the body makes fat out of it. 

With insulin resistance, you are fatter and more tired than you ought to be. 


To efficiently lose weight, you need to reverse insulin resistance. This is a priority at Jungl.

Insulin Resistance


When your liver is overburdened it is less able to metabolize nutrients, fats, and toxins properly. As a result, your metabolic rate slows down which can lead to more serious health issues as well as weight gain and fatigue. You may be diagnosed with a fatty liver. This further diminishes liver function. 

Why does this happen? The liver can be overburdened by the estimated 60,000 toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis or by refined carbohydrates, sugar, bad fats, excessive alcohol consumption, medications, and more. 

To efficiently lose weight, your liver needs to function optimally. At Jungl we provide the essential nutrients to upregulate both phase I and II liver detoxification.  You may have heard of people feeling sick during liver cleanses. This is because many supplements only support phase I resulting in an increase of circulating toxins. 

Overburdened Liver

Food Sensitivities / Intolerances

Studies have shown that food sensitivities and intolerances result in chronic inflammation of white adipose tissue.  This chronic low-level inflammation results in stubborn fat that is harder to lose. 

Identifying and eliminating the foods that cause inflammation can be the key to losing your stubborn fat. At Jungl we guide you through this essential process.

Food Sensitivities


We have known for 70 years that antibiotics cause weight gain in humans and animals. That’s why farmers have been feeding cattle and chickens antibiotic-laced feed since the 1950s. We just didn’t know why this occurred. Now we understand that antibiotics, some medications, stress, and diets rich in sugar and refined carbohydrates alter the balance of bacteria in your gut. You essentially end up with more bad bacteria than good in your gut. This imbalance is called dysbiosis.

The bad bacteria convert more of your food into sugar than the good bacteria. That means two people can eat the same food - one will gain weight and the other won’t. The one gaining weight has more bad sugar-harvesting bacteria than the skinny person. 

At Jungl we help you cleanse the gut and reestablish the proper balance of bacteria in your gut. 



We are exposed to an estimated 60,000 toxins every day. An increasing number of these are being recognized by scientists as obesogens, toxins that cause weight gain. These hormone disrupting chemicals are everywhere, even on something as seemingly harmless as a cash register receipt. These receipts we touch nearly every day contain high levels of the synthetic estrogen BPA.  Your skin absorbs this harmful chemical where it is stored for weeks and can disrupt normal hormone levels resulting in unexplained weight gain.

Providing the nutrients necessary to more effectively eliminate these toxins and their harmful effects in the body has been shown to help with stubborn weight. 


Leaky Gut

The fecal material in your gut contains harmful and toxic substances that should never escape into the body. That’s unfortunately what happens when you have a leaky gut. A healthy gut lining selectively allows some things such as nutrients to pass through. A damaged gut lining allows toxins, bad bacteria, undigested food particles and large protein molecules like gluten into the cavity of the body where inflammatory reactions cause health problems including weight gain and insulin resistance.

In such cases, weight loss is likely to occur only after healing the gut lining. A comprehensive weight loss program must address such gut damage. 

Leaky Gut

Emotional Eating

Most of us have an inappropriate relationship with food. Shame, guilt, fear, stress, anxiety, feelings of deprivation, and more can thwart the best diets. These lead to yo-yo dieting, binging, and other harmful behaviors. 

A successful weight loss program must address the pitfalls of emotional eating and inappropriate beliefs and habits.

Emotional Eating

Other Contributing Factors

There are many other contributing factors to stubborn weight or unexplained weight gain. Our goal at Jungl is to consider all such factors:

- Anxiety/Depression

- Candida overgrowth

- Exhaustion

- Stress

- Medications

- Addictions

- Poor Sleep 

- And more...

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