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Dr. Whit Roberts

Whit Roberts has 27 years of clinical experience working with chronic illnesses and weight management. In 2001 he co-founded the one of the first and largest integrative medical clinics in Utah. Jungl protocols are based on his research and clinical experience with thousands of clients.

Program Director


Kristen is passionate about and enjoys all things related to natural health and wellness including herbal healing and homeopathy. She is a certified nutrition specialist and clinical herbalist. She is also currently working on becoming a Therapeutic Nutritional Counselor through the Holistic Health Educators program.

Health & Wellness Coach

Health & Wellness Coach


Irina is our head health and wellness coach. She is passionate about using a holistic health approach in which she considers all aspects of an individual’s life to understand the root cause behind each symptom. She is a certified member of the international association for health coaches and a graduate of the institution for integrative nutrition. She is currently certifying in plant based cooking and pursuing her masters in human nutrition and functional medicine.

CX Director


Jace has been passionate about health since he was 10 years old. After receiving his bachelors in science with an emphasis in nutrition and exercise, he went straight to work in business management and health program content and design. He has been managing our health program development and leading our individual care management team for two years.

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Kemri is passionate about a whole body approach to health in which she considers both the importance of what we put into our body, but also the toxic load of what we put on it and around it. She is a Health Utah certified nutritionist and health coach currently further certifying at the institute for integrative Nutrition. She studied wellness education at university.  

Health & Wellness Coach


Allyson loves health and wellness and enjoys working with people. She studied wellness education at university and has thrived for 3 years working in client experience management. If you are lucky enough to talk to her, you will know you’re in good hands.

Client Care Manager

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