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The Lie:

"All you have to do is eat less and move more"

Not only is this categorically wrong but it is extremely frustrating to hear—especially from your doctor. Unfortunately, your doctor is sharing very old concepts with you. The New England Journal of Medicine reported that "false and scientifically unsupported beliefs about obesity are pervasive" in our medical journals.

The Truth:

Underlying conditions can make weight loss nearly impossible


Common Conditions:

- Food Sensitivities

- Hormone Imbalances

- Medication

- Toxins

- Depression

- Genetic Factors

- Leptin Resistance

- Dysbiosis

- Insulin Resistance

- Exhaustion

- Eating the wrong foods

Underlying conditions impact how your body responds to diets and exercise. As a result, your body may not respond to traditional weight loss treatment. The following are some of the most common conditions and influences that stop people from losing weight:



... and more. Click here to open a window that teaches you more about underlying conditions' impact on weight loss.

The Frustration:

Not having anyone to talk with about your specific situation can be maddening

- Your primary care physician isn't trained to address the issue

- The latest fad diet ignores the complexity of the problem

- Your trainer likely only knows diet and exercise

- Dieticians look at diet only

- Your local gym can't help

Struggling to lose weight can feel isolating and confusing when existing resources aren't effective.

The Solution:

The most successful weight loss program should consider the underlying conditions of your body and adapt the program to focus on corrective measures.

Seek Help at Jungl When Normal Weight Loss Measures Don’t Work

Getting started is easy, just click here to schedule your consultation.


The cost is $59 - far less than a visit to your doctor who hasn’t been able to help. Once you’ve scheduled you’ll be given the opportunity to invite a loved one or friend at no additional cost. Two of you can find answers and direction for less than dinner and a movie. 

Making Fruit Salad

Initial Consultation

  • 45 minute online meeting with a Jungl Guide

  • Proprietary symptom analysis

  • Bring a spouse or loved one at no extra charge

  • $59 reservation fee will be refunded when you fill out our health questionnaire and attend your meeting

How to do this for free:

All you have to do to qualify is fill out our proprietary symptom assessment prior to the consultation and show up on time to your consultation. That’s it! Your $59 will be refunded. 


You and your friend or loved one can have your consultations for free. Research very clearly shows that your probability of success is greater if you pursue your health and weight goals with a friend. 

Join other happy Jungl customers:

The people and programs are great. I lost 37 pounds in 6 weeks! And with the program, I will keep it off. Thank you!

- Morris B.

About Dr. Roberts:

Whit Roberts has 27 years of clinical experience working with chronic illnesses and weight management. In 2001 he co-founded the one of the first and largest integrative medical clinics in Utah. Jungl protocols are based on his research and clinical experience with thousands of clients.

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